Seiu Healthcare Pa Contract 2019

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania recently announced a new contract agreement for its members in 2019. The deal covers over 25,000 health care workers across the state and includes several key improvements to pay and benefits.

One of the most significant changes in the new contract is a wage increase. Under the agreement, workers will receive a base rate increase of 3% in the first year, followed by an additional 2.5% increase in the second year and a 2.25% increase in the third year. This increase is expected to have a significant impact on workers` take-home pay, making it easier for them to support their families and maintain a decent quality of life.

In addition to the wage increase, the new contract also includes improvements to health care benefits. Workers will see reduced premiums, co-pays, and out-of-pocket costs for medical care and prescription drugs. The new agreement also includes improved mental health and substance abuse coverage, as well as better dental and vision benefits.

The contract negotiations were not without challenges, however. According to SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania President Matt Yarnell, the negotiations were “long and difficult.” The union faced resistance from some of the employers it was negotiating with, who were reluctant to provide the level of benefits and protections that the workers required.

Despite these challenges, Yarnell and his team were ultimately able to secure a deal that they believe will benefit workers across the state. Speaking to reporters after the agreement was reached, Yarnell noted that the new contract “provides a pathway to good jobs with decent wages and benefits, and it provides a foundation for workers to have a voice on the job.”

The SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania contract is just one example of the ongoing struggle for workers` rights and fair compensation in the United States. While the new agreement provides some significant improvements for health care workers in the state, there is still much work to be done to ensure that all workers are able to earn a fair and livable wage.

Overall, the new SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania contract is a significant step forward for health care workers in the state. The wage increases and improved benefits will help to ensure that workers are able to support themselves and their families, while the collective bargaining process has given them a voice in their workplace. Hopefully, this agreement can serve as a model for other unions and workers across the country who are fighting for their rights and fair compensation.